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Sedation Dentistry San Diego CA 

Sedation Dentistry Makes Treatment Easy and Comfortable

We understand how apprehensive some patients are about dental work. With sedation dentistry, all treatments become easy. You retain a level of consciousness but no memory of the work being performed.

By simply taking one pill one hour before your appointment, you start to feel relaxed. You gradually reach a deeper level of sedation before any work begins. Your vital signs are monitored throughout treatment. You will be unaware of the dentist's work, but still be able to answer any questions she asks. Within an hour after treatment, you will be back to normal.

Sedation Dentistry San Diego CASome people fear being "knocked out," as during surgery. Their fear centers on losing control of perception. But it is important to know you remain aware of your environment, but not of the procedure being performed. Conscious sedation provides a happy medium of losing your anxiety but not your awareness.

This type of sedation is also a good option for those who are highly resistant to anesthesia. They require an alternative to have their work performed. Also, when patients can't spare the time for multiple visits, sedation dentistry is the option that allows more or even all work to be accomplished in just one visit.

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