Wellness Dentistry

Wellness Dentistry in Mira Mesa 

Wellness Dentistry to Maintain Good Health

We are all familiar with going to the doctor when you become sick. But what about seeing a doctor before feeling ill and learning how to prevent illness?

This approach is referred to as "wellness care," and this is what we practice for your best dental health. Although we perform regular repair for dental problems and damage as any office would, we go a step beyond. After a thorough examination, we record what we have identified as potential problems. We look for gum disease, oral cancer, signs of stress and wear and tear on your teeth, and if your bite is in its proper position. We do this to avoid other problems that could be more serious and affect your overall health and to save you time, effort, and money in the long run.

Prevention Measures to Maintain Health and Vitality

Wellness Dentistry San Diego CAGood dental health contributes more to your health than just maintaining your gums and teeth. Studies show that oral health is related to other conditions such as stroke, heart disease, and diabetes, as well as your vitality and overall wellness.

Dr. Marino uses a new process that is more than just diagnosing and repairing. By recording your dental health or distress on graphs, we have a visual history of oral problems that we take into consideration for treatment and care during your visits. Goals can be set, reached, and maintained so you may enjoy optimum health and energy.

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